• Self-responsibility for the organization

    Assign responsibilities, map the organization, create processes

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Set up departments, delegate tasks legally compliant, act decentralized

Certista is an intranet platform that gives employees more space for own responsibility.

Certista provides powerful structural modules that help organizations to self-organize. The architecture is based on Big Data proven data technologies and is able to handle all motion data of e.g. Store process flows, interactions or item movements and output aggregated in the form of a tracking.

Works for small, medium and very large organizations of all industries.

Create departments

Create departments and functions, transfer them and connect persons in each role with position.

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Digital job description

Delegate activities between departments, job descriptions are created automatically.

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Idea and malfunction reporting

Ideas and notifications are automatically sent to managers, colleagues rate the quality anonymously.

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Self-prioritizing to-do’s

Assign tasks to yourself, colleagues or departments, the AI algorithm prioritizes the order for you.

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Intranet and community

At the same time, use Certista as an intranet with powerful interactive community features like notifications and email.

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Compliant documentation

Compliant tracking of assignment and other processes histories, including accept/reject by other party.

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For executives who support and promote the efficient organization.

Empower the people of your organization

Certista gives you a range of highly productive tools for this.

Screenshots that give you a first idea

Get an impression of the functionality. Use the arrows to slide.

Other modules:

The combination of the modules with each other increases the efficiency.

Introduced in Ø less than 4 weeks without IT projects or additional hardware.

Take a look at Certista first

We show you the functionality in an individual online demo. We answer your questions and find out if Certista fits to your organization.

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More clarity and orientation for all employees

  • Orientation about responsibilities

    The responsibility for own tasks and those of colleagues is clearly regulated with Certista. Delegation with request and confirmation gives employees and management the necessary legal certainty.

  • Manage organizational affiliation

    Departments, legal entities, functions, and more org-units can be created, changed, confirmed, shared, and delegated decentrally and in a compliant way.

  • ISO 9001: 2015 immediately covered

    Essential parts of the ISO 9001: 2015 are directly covered just by using the already available modules. Setup the base module (org units) and already solve the requirement of the context of the organization, the other modules fulfill even more.

Take a look at the software together with us

Our expert team will show you the essential core functions in 30 minutes.

In an individual web conference, we talk about your requirements and what extra value Certista can add to your organization.

“A web demo is non-binding and fast – so it’s the perfect way to see if Certista is useful to you.”

Andrea Frank, Sales Expert

Request Certista online demo

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3 + 2 = ?

  • One single solution

    Certista connects the organization, no need for additional Excel admin anymore.

  • Start directly without IT projects

    Certista is browser-based and does not require any additional IT projects or other manpower for the introduction.

  • Honest terms and contracts

    Use Certista for as long or as short as you wish. We do not bind you in long contracts and are completely transparent with the costs.

Your advantages

as a Certista customer

  • Less management work

    With Certista employees work more independent and save time to the management.

  • Compatibility with existing systems

    Certista works interface-based and can import and export external lists for further processing.

  • Customer service that understands you

    The Certista customer service is familiar with organizational development and is friendly and competent for you.